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Sep 10 06 12:18 AM

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I thought that this would be fun. What are your pet peeves? Be it about horses or thier owners, what bothers you the most?

My personal pet peeve is people that work thier horses hard and then don't take the time to properly cool them out afterward. It drives me crazy! Case in point, last summer I went to a riding camp. On one particulary hot day (it was probably 90+ degrees in the sun) all the riding instructors were having thier students take it easy. All except for mine, she had us out in the bright sun working our horses to the max, jumping ect. All the horses were DRENCHED from head to tail with sweat when they were done. After all this she gave us only like 5 minutes to cool our horses out. Five minutes wasn't nearly enough time to cool out a horse that had just been working that hard. I was pissed and refused to put my horse away till I was done cooling him out. She got all bitchy and acted like I was doing something wrong. I was the only rider that stood up to her and bothered to properly cool out my horse. Wtf?

So yeah that's one of my major horse related pet peeves. Now it's your turn to share yours.

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Sep 10 06 9:28 PM

I don't blame ya for standing up to that person....

What mine biggest pet peeve is...When you are trying to teach someone how to ride and they don't listen to you cause they think they all know what they are doing... And they you questions and you give them the answers but they don't follow through with what you told them. I have a big problem with some of clientes that think that way... And they just runied perfectly good horses... And all the time i spend on that horse to get to do what they want it to do...

Chaps my hide.....

My horse spooks at everything the following things: Crowds, Riders, Flags, Barrles, and Dirt...

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Sep 10 06 10:49 PM

both of those irk me like crazy!

But I would say the biggest pet peeve for me, and it goes for all animals not just horses, people that have animals and don't take care of them. It isn't a law to own an animal BUT it is a law to take care of that/those animal(s). That pisses me off more than anything.

Most of the animals that Myself and my parents own are rescue animals. The worst one that we've taken in so far is a cook and white tobiano pinto *tennessee walker* mare that was about 300 pounds underweight in the winter time. nothing but skin and bones. She almost didn't pull through but she made it through successfully and I can happily say that she's up to weight and with a new loving owner

I have other stories about our rescue animals but I shall not bore you with them

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Sep 12 06 11:01 PM

Those are all things that bother me. Another one is people that don't bother to properly train a horse to load, before trying to get them on the trailer. A cilantro time spent teaching the horse to load BEFORE ever trying to take it somewhere will save you hours, and I really mean HOURS of headaches. Just today a friend of mine was telling me this story about a woman that had borrowed her trailer. This lady instead of teaching her horse to load, thought it better to just force him on the trailer. Apparently the horse ended up with all kinds of rope burns, he smashed his head into the window (breaking it) before being so exhuased that he finally could be pushed in. This horrifies me. I've trained horses that were dangerous to load in a matter of a few short training sessions. There's no excuse to ever force an animal into a trailer. It can be done so humanely if done right. Some people make me sick.

"For Every Animal that dies in a shelter, there is someone, somewhere that is responsible."

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Sep 29 06 9:20 PM

i have ot agree with all of you. I think mine would be that when i was at a show, my sister who never ridden a horse, and doesnt know anything about them was trying to tell me what to do and was complaining about the judges. i was so mad because she doesnt know the first thing there is to horses, judging or shows

I love my horses, Holly and Scout

"God forbid i should go to a heaven in which there are no horses "

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Oct 2 06 3:46 PM

I agree with ya Kelly I hate it when people neglect to take the time to get their horses used to loading into a trailer.

But I've had that factor work in my favor. At my last endurance ride in June I was waiting in line for a ride back in the trailer since my horse had been pulled at the 18 mile mark. A lady tried loading her horse, she was just flustered and just said, "I don't want to make a big deal out of this," she looks at me and says, "do you want to try to load your horse?" I jumped at the opportunity because I not only wanted to get back to camp and tend to my mare, but I was tired of waiting down and was on the edge of breaking down. So, I loaded my mare *image me pushing my horse's butt into the trailer...literally* and she got in to it within 2 minutes.

As far as the pet peeves goes...I don't really have too many when it comes to horses. But when it comes to people, I hate drama...sorta. (I hate it, but can't help but to participate...I know, I'm a hypocrate)

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